Cd Cards

Written by Dallas Smith
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CD cards (also known as "Electronic Business Cards," or "ECards"), are miniature CD-ROMS that contain just about whatever you want on them--video, audio, text, hyperlinks. CD cards are at the forefront of the paperless marketing revolution. Brochures, catalogues, and business cards are all slowly going the way of the Model-T.

CD cards have a distinct advantage over classic promotion. TV commercials, posters, and catalogues are easily ignored. It's as if media-fed moderns have an off switch in their brains that flips whenever advertising is sensed. TV advertisers have fought back by making TV ads so flashy, comic, and entertaining that they are sometimes hard to ignore. But ask someone what product their favorite commercial was advertising. It's entirely likely that they haven't a clue.

CD cards get you an interested and captive audience. CD cards are relatively new and unknown. Curiosity will push people who have your CD cards to play them and find out what they're all about. Now is your chance to wow them. A short, multimedia presentation followed by hyperlinks is often most effective.

CD Cards Can Be More Than Business Cards

CD cards aren't just an alternative to the traditional business card. Cataloguers have saved huge amounts in printing and shipping costs by switching to CD cards. CD cards are especially effective in direct mailings and magazine add-ins. Professional CD duplication houses can customize the look and shape of CD cards. The Internet is a great place to research CD cards and CD card manufacturers.

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