Cd Duplicators

Written by Will Baum
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CD duplicators used to charge a lot of money for simple duplication tasks. New technologies have brought the prices way down. Today, professional CD duplicators offer a wide range of services. Not only do they duplicate CDs, they will print the artwork on the CDs and for the jewel cases. The best companies will take you all the way through, from recording to mastering to pressing to artwork to packaging. The per-CD cost for all this service can be surprisingly low.

Don't confuse CD duplicators with CD replicators. CD replication involves making a glass master and stamping copies of the original CD using injection molding. This is the method employed by major label record companies.

CD duplication is simpler. CD duplicators use CD-Rs loaded into a bank of recorders. Duplication involves many CDs being burned at once, all in the image of a master CD. This is the method usually employed by professional CD duplicators across the country.

CD Duplicators Don't Stop with CDs

Once the CDs are copied, then what? Top CD duplicators offer elaborate custom artwork services. They can begin with the art that appears on your CD and see the project through all the way to the shrink-wrap. There is no reason your project should look or sound any less professional than a release from one of the major corporate record labels. CD duplicators handle those jobs too. The Internet is a terrific resource for information about CD duplicators and the services they offer.

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