Cd Media Packaging

Written by Dallas Smith
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CD media packaging has come a long way from the days of the jewel box encased in cardboard housing. Remember those cardboard boxes? When CDs were first introduced, they were competing against LPs. Record companies put CDs in thin cardboard boxes, about the height of the LPs they were going up against.

At the time, LPs had two advantages: they were familiar, and they had a larger space to display artwork to lure consumers. The cardboard boxes helped CDs grab attention and allowed them to fit on record store shelves not yet outfitted for the new up-and-coming media.

Of course, CDs won the battle without much difficulty. Durability and sound quality made it a TKO. After that, CD media packaging suffered. The cardboard boxes were eliminated, and designers were left with only a tiny jewel box-sized canvas to work with.

CD Media Packaging Can Grab Attention

As you set out to design your CD project, browse the CDs in your collection. What catches your eye? Which colors, fonts, and layouts are most effective? Professional CD duplication houses can match--if not exceed--the attractiveness and quality of the best in your collection. Your artwork can and should be truly outstanding. See what designers have done over the years with CD art. There are an infinite number of ways to approach CD media packaging. Make choices that please you and others are likely to feel the same way.

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