Cd Printing

Written by Will Baum
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CD Printing can be top quality even for a relatively small project. You don't have to burn CDs at home and wear out your hardware. And you definitely don't have to buy stickers at an office supply store and try to carefully fit them onto your CDs.

Professional CD Printing companies do both the burning and the CD art--and a bunch more--resulting in a product far more impressive than anything you could hope to come up with on your own. Take a look at the CDs in your collection. Some of the artwork on the CDs is flashy and elaborate. Now picture your product using that same style. Sound fantastic? It's extremely doable.

Like in any business, there are shady characters who will spring hidden costs on you once the job is complete. There will be boxes full of your CD project in a warehouse somewhere, but the shady company you hired won't say where till you pay up for things that were never discussed: a storage fee, a shrink-wrapping surcharge, a bar code generation charge. Make sure everything is covered by your initial quote. If you work with experienced, reputable printers, you won't have a problem.

Quality CD Printing Helps Your Project

A peeling sticker on a CD not only looks shoddy, it can jam a CD player. You don't want people playing your CD to have a beef with you; you want satisfied customers. Professional CD Printing doesn't involve stickers. Pro printers use the latest high-tech offset printers, giving your CDs the same texture and look that you are used to from your record collection. Make sure you know which you are getting before you place your order.

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