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Written by Abby Luttrell
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If you're investigating cheap CD replication and looking for CD replication quotes, beware of hidden costs. Many CD replication services will advertise as low cost CD manufacturing outlets, and then persuade you to add on various services which will rack up your final bill. What "services" should you watch out for?

How Companies Pad a CD Replication Quote

Some CD duplication houses will offer to help you with design and artwork. You are better off using a trusted graphic designer and finalizing your design before you approach a CD replication service. Your service should, however, give you guidelines and specifications for your graphics and artwork, and help you every step of the way in your CD creation--for free.

Beware CD duplication companies which offer to help market and/or distribute your CD. These sound like good deals, but will add a hefty price tag to your final bill with varying results. It's best to consult real specialists in the fields of marketing and distribution to get solid results.

Some media duplication services will offer to put your music in a compilation CD with other artists. Often these compilation CDs have limited distribution and are not worth an additional fee. Some firms will also offer to do your web design. Be cautious with any of these add-ons which may be outside the area of expertise of CD manufacturing. Your CD replication quote should simply reflect the charge for duplicating your CD master and nothing else. Our best and most reliable source for CD duplicating is on the Internet; be sure to check the recommended site.

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The article is very informative and good , it will definitely help the users to know much valuable information before choosing any CD/DVD Duplication company.
The real thing is that we should not rely directly upon the Duplication services provided by the company. They may offer various services telling that they would be responsible for the marketing distribution part . They would do this at a very reasonable price too, these basic things are to be checked before expending money over a Duplication project.