Cd Replication Service

Written by Abby Luttrell
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What are the steps you will go through for CD creation of your vocal work or your songwriting? A good CD replication service will guide you through the stages that are required to produce a top-quality CD. Don't go with a service that doesn't provide help and attention to all these steps, from advising you on your audio master to coordinating special needs for your artwork and graphics.

What Kind of Audio Master Will Your CD Replication Service Need?

The most important step is delivering your best audio master or masters to the CD replication service. Your source master should be in an approved format. CD-R is the most popular and preferred format for digital media duplication.

However, there are other formats from which a good audio quality CD can be made. You can make a quality CD from digital audio tape (DAT). A master in this form should include a complete and accurate tracking sheet.

You can also submit a master in 8mm tape (Exabyte). This must be ANSI labeled on data grade cartridges and recorded on high-density non-compressing 8mm recorders. Track start and end information should be stored on the tape or on a floppy in a DDP file.

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