Cd-rom Bulk Replication

Written by Will Baum
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CD-Rom bulk replication services offer a wide variety of services, including the design and printing of elaborate CD and packaging art. Before getting started, it's good to get some of the lingo down. First, what's the difference between CD duplication and replication?

Strictly speaking, there is no such thing as CD-Rom bulk replication. CD replication involves making a glass master and stamping cloned CDs, using injection molding, one disc at a time. This is the method used in commercial CD manufacturing. The CDs you buy at the local record store use CD replication.

CD duplication creates many copies at once, using CD-R (CD-Recordable) media. Usually, several recorders are linked to one processor. CD duplication is the method favored when CDs are being reproduced in smaller numbers, from the low hundreds to the low thousands.

CD-Rom Bulk Replication Versus Duplication

CD duplication is much less expensive than CD replication. The process of making a glass master itself is cost prohibitive for most. CD duplication is also much quicker. Making a glass master takes time as well as money. CD duplication skips that step. CD duplication has the additional benefit of being done all in one place; sensitive data is always in one set of trusted hands. The Internet is an excellent resource for information about CD-Rom bulk replication and duplication. Make certain you only use a reputable company with an established track for your project.

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