Cd Rom Card

Written by Dallas Smith
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A CD ROM Card is an excellent way to opt-out of the age-old ritual of exchanging little, paper business cards. This is the digital age. The way we exchange information has changed dramatically. While the business card is likely to survive the revolution for the time being, a CD ROM Card is a great way to keep one foot in the future.

A CD ROM Card can contain as little as 50 megabytes. Realize that "as little as 50 megabytes" is a phrase that would've made a techie choke a decade ago. The first few generations of home PCs had far less memory than that. 50 megabytes is enough to contain just about anything you can imagine--photos, audio, even a multimedia presentation.

Many people fill their CD ROM Cards with all of these. Upon meeting someone, instead of handing them a dry piece of card stock, think of what it would be like to give them a CD ROM Card instead. You can focus on the interpersonal aspects of the relationship. Let your CD ROM Card be your salesman.

CD ROM Cards Can Close Deals

Back at the office or at home, your new contact pops your CD ROM Card into his or her computer. Wham!--they enter a world of your devising. A CD ROM card can hold as little as a resume, as much as a series of commercials. It's up to you. The Internet is a great place to find the right company to manufacture a CD ROM Card to fit your needs.

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