Cdr Printing

Written by Dallas Smith
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CDR Printing services can take your project, no matter how simple, and turn it into something top-notch. The top CDR printing services will see your project all the way from mastering and duplication to printing and packaging. The number of options available to you along this road can be overwhelming. Here is a quick step-by-step guide.

If you haven't yet done your recording or mastering, know that the better CDR printing services have professionals to help you with this step. The best employ programs like Pro Tools, now used even in the most expensive recording and mastering studios. If you've already recorded your project, Pro Tools mastering can help get it into top-top shape.

CDR Printing and Packaging

CDR printing comes next. Duplicating CDRs happens on a large bank of machines, all burning perfect clones of a master CDR. There is no loss of quality whatsoever in digital reproduction. That is why it has become the industry standard.

The final step of your CDR printing process is packaging. A top CD printing house will be able to run cover and CD artwork that is indistinguishable from what is available at your local record store. Look for high-caliber offset printing on your CDs and films for your covers. Jewel cases are the traditional choice for CDR printing packages, but there are several other options. The Internet is an excellent place to look into these options and any other questions you may have about CDR printing.

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