Custom Cd Packaging

Written by Will Baum
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Custom CD packaging can make the difference between a truly professional product and one that seems shoddy and homemade. Make certain that your custom CD packaging is done by a professional with long experience in the business. You don't want to end up with some basement operation using nothing more than a consumer CD-burner and a Sharpie.

A good professional custom CD packaging company will offer a wide variety of options for your project. Do you want black-and-white or color on the CDs themselves? How do you envision the packaging? There is no reason your project can't look as good or better than the CDs available at your local record store. That means full-color front, back, and inside in addition to full-color on the CD itself.

Jewel cases are the standard CD packaging choice. There are, however, other options to consider: CD sleeves, CD mailers, or thin plastic CD cases. Certain projects may benefit from being packaged in Amaray Boxes (the book-like plastic boxes that are usually used for DVDs). It's your project; it's your choice.

Make Sure You Trust Your Custom CD Packaging Company

Watch for hidden fees. Many custom CD packaging operations will complete your project, then surprise you with charges. Some companies will spring extra fees for films, shrink-wrapping, or bar code image generation. Everything should be included in your initial quote. Don't get taken for a ride. Use a true pro!

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