Custom Music

Written by Dallas Smith
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Custom Music can take a so-so project and turn it into a something truly professional. Putting together a video project takes coordination of dozens of disparate elements. Finding someone to compose a soundtrack can be simple. Look to the company that is pressing your CDs and doing your artwork. The best of these companies employ musicians who will write custom music to your exact specifications and bring your project to life.

Have you ever seen a Hollywood movie without the soundtrack? Some deluxe DVDs give you the option of watching the movie with just the dialogue. The effect is shocking. Without the music, even the biggest budget Hollywood extravaganza can seem like a home movie. Suddenly, the people on screen just look like actors, kind of lost and confused. The sets look like sets. The dialogue sounds familiar and hollow.

Custom Music Transforms a Project

A soundtrack magically changes all that. Custom music sews everything together. It doesn't have to be elaborate. Think of the famous John Carpenter scores in his movies, "Escape from New York," and "The Thing." Often, a simple few notes on a synthesizer are all he employs.

The effect is anything but simple. The music creates the mood. Instead of watching Kurt Russell ambling down a Vancouver alley, the music helps transport us. Now we're watching Snake Pliskin fight for his life on the mean streets of Manhattan. The same can transformation can happen with your project. Whatever mood you're after--excitement, celebration, tension, humor--custom music is the best way to bring it out.

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