Designer Cd

Written by Abby Luttrell
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Low cost CD manufacturing has made many kinds of designer CDs available for many varied business needs. For example, multishape business card CDs are an incredibly economical and classy calling card, combining a traditional business card with a multimedia presentation that shows your business, product, music or artwork to its best advantage. These lightweight, custom designed and multishape CDs are stylish and will add prestige to your business or artistic venture.

Other Varieties of Designer CDs

Cheap CD replication has made low cost mini CD production possible. 8cm minidiscs are as little as $1 apiece with a jewel case in packs of ten. They are available in 50 and 100 pack spindles on selected Internet sites.

CD-ROMs can be replicated economically also. Recommended compact disc manufacturing websites will provide full color jacket printing and packaging, glass mastering, three color printing on the discs, and plastic sleeves or jewel boxes. They will provide very low prices with top quality control.

Another type of designer CD available for duplication is the enhanced CD. Enhanced CD production features the CD Plus or the CD-Extra. This stamped multisession CD allows two sessions to be played on the same disc, and it can be played on either a standard CD audio player or the CD-ROM drive in your computer.

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