Digital Cdr Info

Written by Will Baum
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Digital CDR info is available all over the Internet, but the search for simple digital CDR info can by dizzying. What is a CDR? What's the difference between a CDR and a CDRW? Hopefully, this site will help begin to answer your questions.

First, the basics: CDR stands for "CD-Recordable." CDRs work just like standard CDs. They are a type of media known to techies as WORM (Write One, Read Multiple). That is to distinguish a CDR from a CDRW, or CD-Rewritable. CDRWs work like floppy discs. You can erase content from a CDRW and reuse them.

The other essential difference between CDRs and CDRWs is that standard CD players cannot read CDRWs. CDRWs are usually used for data, where CDRs are used for everything else. CDRs are perfect for keeping music, photos, or data that you never want to erase.

Digital CDR Info Questions are Easily Answered

You may wonder what the difference between a standard CD and a CDR is. The difference begins with manufacturing. CDs used by record labels are pressed from a mold. CDRs are burned with a laser. While not physically identical, their function is the same. CDRs are commonly used by professional custom CD companies. Any normal CD player will read the digital CDR info from a CDR as if it came straight from a record store.

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