Digital Media Duplication

Written by Abby Luttrell
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You may not realize that meeting the deadlines for your digital media duplication needs is as easy as going on the Internet. Recommended websites can give your project close attention and meet the deadlines of your company. There are so many different kinds of digital media duplication now that it pays to stick with the experts.

Different Choices in Digital Media Duplication

For example, the average CD is capable of holding 76 minutes or 650 Mb of data. You may want to duplicate a mini CD if you need more storage space on the disc. The mini disc compresses data in a 5:1 ratio; in other words, you get five times as much the amount of music on a mini CD.

The MiniDisc long play 2 (LP2) holds 160 minutes; the LP4 holds 320 minutes of music. A good CD duplication service will assess your needs and may recommend mini CD production. Media duplication services now also make designer or business card CDs. These come in any shape, color, or size, and hold an entire multimedia presentation as well as information about you, your project, or your company.

The CD replication service you choose should also be able to advise you on enhanced CDs and CD ROM duplication. Enhanced CDs are multi-session discs, also commonly known as CD-Extra. CD ROM replication and disk duplication should include full color jacket printing and packaging, as well as glass mastering. Be sure the company you choose will include three color printing on the disc as well as a plastic sleeve. Your media duplication company should help you customize your entire order and deliver it to your satisfaction.

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