Dvd Authoring

Written by Will Baum
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DVD authoring programs allow you to put together your own DVDs, whether your project is a collection of home movies or a professional production. Several companies compete in the DVD authoring marketplace, charging hundreds of dollars for their programs. ULead's well-reviewed recent release, "DVD Workshop 2," for example lists for a competitive $495.

In this relatively new software field, the key components are functionality and ease of use. If you are a die-hard techie, you may only be concerned with various functions (alignment controls, resizing controls). For most of us, ease is paramount. No matter what the program does, if we can't figure it out, it's useless.

DVD Authoring Is Step One

Once you have learned a DVD authoring program, completed your project, and have your DVD master, you still have a ways to go. Now is time to find the professional DVD pressing company you want to use. The best of these companies are a one-stop shop not only for DVD pressing but also for artwork (on the disc and on the case).

The same companies provide DVD packaging and shrink-wrap. The industry standard for DVDs is the Amaray Box, but there's nothing saying you can't go another route. The Internet is a terrific resource for information about the wide variety of DVD authoring programs and about the companies that will help you complete your project once your DVD authoring is done.

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