Dvd Duplication Services

Written by Abby Luttrell
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If you are an independent filmmaker, you should be aware of the cost-effectiveness of DVD duplication services. Low cost DVD manufacturing has put DVD costs in the range of VHS dupes. That means you can send your film to film festivals, industry bigwigs and high-level contacts on a classy DVD instead of a clunky VHS.

DVD Duplication Services for the Indie Filmmaker

For the independent filmmaker, low cost DVD manufacturers can deliver a sophisticated selling tool that not only includes the film, but also a director's commentary, interviews with principal cast members and even outtakes. A quality DVD manufacturer will also be a reliable consultant for DVD covers, artwork, and graphics.

Film festivals will welcome a savvy film package on a digital format. A well-thought out presentation can be sent to critics once your film has gotten into a festival. A DVD can include the film poster, stills, and one-sheet, and still fit into a standard envelope.

A DVD is a perfect press kit, without the sheets of paper that can so easily get misplaced, lost or crumpled. DVDs are easy to transport from office to festival to screening; a small jewel box will hold 100. Think of dragging around 100 videotape cassettes to every festival or screening! For feature films, documentaries, and short films, be sure to do your homework and discover the money-saving pricing on DVD duplication services.

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