Dvd Duplication Services

Written by Will Baum
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DVD duplication services can produce DVDs that look every bit as good as those you find at your local Blockbuster. And since you care a lot more about your project than the corporate cog who had to design the umpteenth reissue of "Footloose" cared about that project, yours may end up looking even better. It's all a question of attention to detail.

These days, DVD duplication services offer package deals that get you a professional-quality product sometimes for well under two dollars per unit. But be careful when comparing DVD duplication services. Shady DVD duplication services are notorious for springing hidden costs on unsuspecting customers, just as an urgent project is near completion.

Don't get scammed. Make sure everything is included in the initial quote. Packages should include full artwork, packaging, and shrink-wrap. Bar code generation and placement do not necessarily need to cost extra. You should end up with a retail-ready product for exactly the price you were quoted at the beginning of the project.

DVD Duplication Services Bat Clean-Up

DVD duplication services aren't going to go shoot your project for you. You provide them with a DVD-R or master disc and they take it from there. The future truly has arrived. Anyone can make a DVD project every bit as professional looking as the big-spending Hollywood studios. The battle for the audience is on.

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