Dvd Packaging

Written by Dallas Smith
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DVD packaging is the last step in the DVD manufacturing process. Amaray cases and high-quality art can easily give your project the professional look of the DVDs on your local video store shelves. Let's look at the steps that have to be taken before you get to DVD packaging.

Content is step one. DVD authoring programs allow you to manipulate your video, audio, and data to create great content without a lot of hassle. Once your final DVD has been delivered to the DVD packaging and pressing company, the rest of the process can be left to them.

Some companies use glass mastering, while others use DVD-R burners not unlike the ones available commercially (but built for far more wear and tear). With glass mastering, a laser beam recorder etches your data into a layer of photo-resistive material. Electroplating with nickel follows, creating what's called a "father." The reverse mold created from the father is called the "mother." The mother is then used to create the "stamper," which is used to make copies of your DVD project.

DVD Packaging Companies Deliver Retail-Ready Products

Your completed DVD and DVD packaging should be indistinguishable from the DVDs being produced by the massive media corporations. Offset disc printing gives you sharp images right on the DVD. Color inserts are second nature to DVD packaging companies. The Internet is a great resource for information about the top DVD packaging companies and the services they offer.

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