Dvd Pressing

Written by Abby Luttrell
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DVD pressing is very similar to CD pressing. After all, a DVD is nothing more than a larger, higher-quality and faster CD. Most DVD duplication services will begin the replication process with graphics and artwork approval. They will scan your files for errors and send a proof to you for approval.

Once approved, the DVD-R goes to printing, with high speed presses and full color printing for the jacket or wallet cover. Once the packaging is printed, the approved digital master is sent to the glass mastering department. A laser beam recorder transfers the information from your master to a light sensitive glass master.

The DVD Pressing Process

This glass master is used for pressing discs. The master stamper is mounted for DVD pressing. Then the freshly stamped discs are placed onto a conveyor belt for a cool-down process.

DVD manufacturers should have the highest level of quality control. Your DVD creation is your baby, and it has to be quality checked for any flaws before it is inserted in its jacket or box. You should choose a low cost DVD manufacturing company that routinely includes complete color jacket printing and packaging, and full glass mastering costs.

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