Dvd R Duplication

Written by Abby Luttrell
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Many companies on the Internet now offer DVD R duplication. The DVD-ROM includes recordable variations, namely the DVD-R/RW, the DVD-RAM, and the DVD+R/RW. Just as the CD-ROM holds the data and the CD plays the music, the DVD-ROM holds the data, and the DVD is the disc which actually plays the video.

Explaining DVD R Duplication

Programmable DVDs are identified by number and letter. It seems confusing, but it's easy to remember once the distinctions are explained. The DVD-R is single sided and has only a single layer.

The DVD-5 is single sided and holds 4.7 GB, or about 133 minutes of video. The DVD-9 is single sided but dual layered, and holds 8.5 GB, or about 240 minutes of video. The DVD-10 is double sided but with a single layer, and holds 9.4 GB, or roughly 266 minutes of video.

DVDs are double sided or dual layered in order to hold more high quality video. A double-sided dual layered disc can hold eight hours of high quality video, or 30 hours of average VHS quality video. DVD R duplication is so sophisticated now that recommended DVD manufacturers can use any of these DVD prototypes to produce quality DVDs.

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