Dvd Rom Replication

Written by Will Baum
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DVD ROM replication is available from services who make it their business to produce DVDs as professional looking as anything at your local video store. After receiving your DVD master, DVD ROM replication services will take your project all the way through to completion. They burn the DVDs, print the artwork on the DVDs themselves, and handle all packaging.

If you like, a good DVD ROM replication service will deliver shrink-wrapped, retail-ready DVDs that will look like something out of your own collection. Beware of shady companies that will try to tack on hidden fees at the end of a project. Everything--from pressing, to printing, to bar code generation--should be included in the initial quote.

A Brief History of DVD ROM Replication

In the early 1990s, two video disc standards, the Multimedia Compact Disc and the Super Disc, were headed for a collision. To avoid a repeat of the costly battle between VHS and Betamax, major companies agreed upon the DVD format in 1995. In the ensuing years, the DVD has steadily gained on VHS as the format of choice.

DVD stands for "Digital Versatile Disc." DVDs can contain video, audio, and data. A double-sided DVD can store up to 18 gigabytes of information (while CDs max out at just 17 megabytes). The enormous capacity of DVDs has allowed for diverse content, especially on movie releases. DVDs coming from Hollywood now typically contain all manner of material in addition to the movie itself--audition tapes, trailers, and audio commentary. DVD ROM replication services give every company the ability to produce DVDs every bit as elaborate as those coming from Tinseltown.

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