Dvd Vhs Duplication

Written by Will Baum
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DVD VHS duplication services can make your project every bit as stylish and professional as releases from giant media companies. The best DVD VHS duplication houses will not only run the copies, but also can print artwork and handle all packaging. This one-stop shopping solves all kinds of logistical problems, saving both time and money.

For DVD VHS duplication services, running the copies of your project is the simplest part of the equation. The top houses will use the highest-quality materials as a matter of course. (This is especially important when it comes to video tape.) The top companies are used to large-scale projects. DVD VHS duplication is their bread and butter.

DVD VHS Duplication Is Only The Beginning

Once the copies are run, then what? DVD VHS duplication only takes you so far. There are many choices to be made with regards to artwork and packaging. What do you want printed on the DVD itself? What images are you considering for the VHS package?

Look at the DVD VHS packages in your collection or at the local video store. Designers have taken countless approaches to DVD VHS packages. Look to them for inspiration and ideas. A video store in Los Angeles called Cinefile has made a fetish of VHS art. They have a shelf called "Tipping Shades." The cover for every movie on the shelf features an actor looking out over his or her sunglasses--"tipping" his or her "shades." Consider if you want your project to end up on that shelf before setting out to design your artwork.

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