E-business Cards

Written by Will Baum
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E-business cards are a new, flashy alternative to the old, conventional paper business card. You would think that joining the paperless marketing revolution would come at a premium. That's not the case. Depending on quantity and features, E-business cards can dip down to below a dollar per unit.

E-business cards (also known as e-cards and CD business cards) can contain from 50 to 180 megabytes of information. That's a whole lot more than just an address, phone number, and email. 50 megabytes will fit graphics, audio and video clips, resumes, hyperlinks to company websites. . .just about anything.

Companies fit complete multimedia presentations on E-business cards. Imagine that instead of handing out a business card that will get lost in someone's wallet, you give them one of your E-business cards. They take it back to their home or office and pop it in their CD drive to see what's on it. Now you've got a captive audience for whatever you wish to convey.

E-Business Cards Can Inform and Entertain

The pressure's on. You want your presentation to be lively, informative, and to inspire confidence. E-Business cards will not do their job if they contain shoddy content. The better E-Business companies will help advise you about content as well as artwork and printing. The best companies offer custom shapes for your E-Business card: A heart, say, for a dating service, or a ship for a cruise line. E-Business cards offer a whole new and fun way to grab competitive advantage.

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