Enhanced Cd Production

Written by Abby Luttrell
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Recommended CD replication companies on the Internet are your best bet for enhanced CD production needs. If you are designing, packaging, selling or marketing enhanced CDs, you will want a duplication service that will take the time to advise you on your project, and bring it to completion with high standards of excellence. Not every low cost CD manufacturing outlet will provide this special attention, because some will want to cut costs by reducing customer interaction.

Enhanced CD Production--Don't Cut Corners

Enhanced CDs are created by a very precise technology, and no corners can be cut even in mass production. Enhanced CDs have come a long way from the mixed mode discs of 1991, which combined a CD-ROM "Yellow Book" track and a CD "Red Book" audio track. Now the CD Plus, or CD-Extra, can be played on both a standard CD player and also in your computer's CD-ROM drive.

This multi-session technology allows two sessions to be played on the same disc. It's favored by artists and record labels because it can be played on an audio CD player with no adjustments. If you want to play an enhanced CD on your computer, you may need extra software.

The reason you may need extra software is because on the newer enhanced CDs, your computer may not be able to identify the disc's multimedia features. With the software, you will be instructed to look beyond the audio session to find the data session. For this advanced technology, be sure to choose a compact disc manufacturing company that specializes in enhanced CD production.

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