Low Cost Dvd Manufacturing

Written by Abby Luttrell
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If you're comparing DVD duplication services, be sure to do your homework on low cost DVD manufacturing. DVD duplication costs are lower than ever before, and you will be able to get high quality DVDs at very low prices. But be sure to go with a reputable company that will give you a wide range of consultation and services.

Pitfalls of Low Cost DVD Manufacturing

Some low cost DVD manufacturing companies cut their costs even further by giving you substandard encoding. A DVD video is usually encoded from digital studio master tapes to a MPEG-2 format. A few low-budget DVD duplication services will use MPEG-1 encoding for your DVD copies, and that is no better than VHS quality.

The encoding process uses lossy compression that removes redundant information and information not perceived by the human eye. The resulting video may contain visual flaws as a result. The amount of flaws depend on the quality of the process and the amount of compression.

These flaws are known as "compression artifacts". They may be noticeable at average video data rates of 3.5 to 6 mbps (million bits per second). However higher data rates can result in a higher quality with almost no perceptible difference from the master at rates above 6 mbps. Thus it's important to only go with a reputable, high-quality digital media duplication service.

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