Make Dvds

Written by Abby Luttrell
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Who makes DVDs? We all know that the DVD format is by far the best viewing format for film. If you are a filmmaker, whether you are making theatrical features or documentaries, a DVD duplication can be your calling card in the industry. Lightweight, savvy and sophisticated, a DVD can present your film with the highest technical values. You can add your film poster, graphics, interviews with cast members and a commentary by the director, and it will be a truly top-of-the-line package.

Short film makers can also benefit by presenting their work in the high-quality DVD format. DVDs are starting to replace larger, more destructible videotapes. DVD duplicates are easy to mail, and can be packaged in slick containers with striking graphics.

Commercials directors will want to seek out DVD duplication services for their reel. It's brilliant as a marketing tool, because a client can pop a DVD into their computer or home DVD player and watch your presentation easily and quickly. DVDs are the wave of the future for the whole advertising industry, and can hold sample commercials and client information for ad agencies.

Do You Want to Make DVDs For Your Profession?

Here are some other people who will want to make DVDs; film festival organizers can put hours of short films, features or documentaries on DVDs to provide a record of their festival years. Dancers and singers can compile their live performances on a promotional DVD. Fine artists, designers and painters can present their work to galleries accompanied by a running commentary and even footage of the creation of the work of art. Real estate agents can make a promotional DVD on the advantages of their area and some typical homes. And if you're organizing a family reunion, what better way to compile footage from home videos than to put them all on a keepsake DVD which can be played for years to come!

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