Mini Cds

Written by Dallas Smith
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Mini CDs are a great technology, largely unfamiliar to everyday consumers and business people. Excellent promotional tools, Mini CDs are used as everything from electronic business cards to brochures to catalogues to music singles. Here's a quick guide to some of the ways to use Mini CDs.

Mini CDs can hold anywhere from 50 to 180 megabytes of information. That means if you are using a Mini CD as a business card, it is going to be able to display a whole lot more than just your name, address, and phone number. Mini CDs can fit just about anything--audio, video, text, and hyperlinks to company websites. A multimedia electronic business card is a flashy, yet inexpensive way to hook new customers and clients.

Used instead of brochures or catalogues, Mini CDs are big money savers. Printing and shipping are expensive for multi-page, multi-color catalogues and booklets. Mini CDs can easily fit everything that might be included in a brochure or catalogue. In addition, hyperlinks encourage action that someone browsing through a paper version may not take.

Mini CDs Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Companies that produce Mini CDs often offer customized shapes and sizes. A Mini CD party invitation may come in the shape of a martini glass. A journalist's ECard may come in the shape of a mini typewriter. Prices for Mini CD production can be surprisingly low. The Internet is a terrific place to research Mini CDs and the companies that produce them.

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