Mini Size Business Cards

Written by Dallas Smith
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Mini Size Business Cards are the cutting edge alternative to standard business cards, brochures, and catalogues. Mini Size Business Cards offer you the opportunity to spend your face-to-face time with a prospective customer or client developing the relationship and not trying to wow them with information about yourself or your company. One of your Mini Size Business Cards will do that later.

Conventional business cards are literally a dime a dozen. They get filed away in a wallet, pocket, or purse. In many cases they just disappear. Mini Size Business Cards are a flashy, relatively inexpensive way to avoid that business card doom.

Mini Size Business Cards Say Volumes

Mini Size Business Cards can hold anywhere upwards of 50 megabytes of information on a tiny, pocket CD. That's room for a full multimedia presentation about your company--sound, video, graphics, text, and hyperlinks to company websites.

If you're in a business that utilizes mailed catalogues or brochures, imagine the shipping costs you could save by sending out a mini CD instead of the usual bulky paper, which often gets discarded anyway. People are only now beginning to discover all the myriad uses for Mini Size Business Cards. The Internet is a great resource for information about companies that manufacture Mini Size Business Cards. The best of them do high-quality offset printing for mini CDs and offer mini CDs in a variety of custom shapes and sizes. With any new technology, it is the user who decides how best to make it work for them.

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