Professional Disc Printing

Written by Will Baum
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Professional disc printing has come a long way. It wasn't that long ago that all CDs were printed with plain, black-and-white text with a band's name and track listings. Today, professional disc printing has been transformed. No record company would release a CD without eye-catching color and images on the CD surface. There's no reason you shouldn't achieve the same with your project.

Look through your CD collection. Even if yours isn't a music project, the CDs in your music collection are a good place to look for ideas and inspiration. Check out color combinations, fonts, and layout. Try thinking of the CD as a small, shiny silver canvas awaiting your masterpiece.

The best CD art tends to use a limited palette. Necessity is the mother invention, of course; price and practicality limit the number of colors used in professional disc printing. You can do just about anything in three colors. Remember, even if using three colors of ink, there is a fourth color available to you: the silver of the disc itself.

Professional Disc Printing and Pressing

Professional disc printing is best done by a company that handles the entire process, start to finish. The top companies will master your CD, print your artwork, duplicate the CDs themselves, and package them. You send the company your project and artwork, and you get back completed CDs, shrink-wrapped if you prefer. The Internet is a great source of information about professional disc printing and pressing.

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