Video Tape Duplication

Written by Dallas Smith
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Video tape duplication services don't just hook up two old VCRs. They are professional operations, offering high-quality tape and a variety of packaging options. Many video tape duplication services will design and print custom sleeves and boxes to just about any customer specifications.

High-quality packaging is extremely important. You know this is true from your own trips to the video store. You wander the aisles, pick up a tape, and turn it over in your hands. Good pictures, tasteful fonts, and interesting layout speak volumes. You take home the well-packaged movie and hope that the same care was taken with what's inside the package. When it comes to many types of media, people often do judge a book by its cover.

Video Tape Duplication Standards

If you are doing your video tape duplication for overseas viewers, you should be aware that not all tapes are alike. There are three basic television standards in the world, NTSC, PAL, and SECAM. An American VHS tape will not play on a British VCR. The reverse is also true.

America uses the NTSC (National Television Standards Committee) standard, while and most of Western Europe, Australia, and China use PAL (Phase Alternating Line). The majority Eastern Europe, France, and Russia use SECAM (System Electronique pour Couleur Avec Memoire). Techies have dubbed SECAM "Something Essentially Contrary to American Methods." Know your audience before engaging a video tape duplication service. They'll be able to help with the necessary conversion.

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