Voice Over And Mastering

Written by Will Baum
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Voice Over and Mastering used to require rooms full of machines and dozens of experts. Computers have changed all that. Now programs like Pro Tools allow a single person to control what used to take a small raft of trained professionals.

You've seen pictures of old recording studios. First, you picture the giant soundboard, stretching across a wide room. Then there are the racks and racks of effects--compressors, equalizers, and the like. Now picture this: a computer and hard drive, a small soundboard, and a high-quality microphone. That's all that's necessary for professional voice over and mastering work.

That doesn't mean you should run out and buy this equipment. First of all, it's still expensive. The software alone costs hundreds of dollars, and that's without the plug-ins that make it run like an old-time studio. Secondly, programs like Pro Tools aren't simple to use. They have an astounding number of features locked within them. Being able to access and utilize all the features takes training and practice.

Voice Over and Mastering Prices Are Down

What this does mean is that you can get your voice over and mastering work done for a fraction of what it used to cost. The entire CD manufacturing process is more affordable than it ever has been. Sometimes one-stop shopping is available. Voice over and mastering is offered by companies that also press CDs and print artwork. The Internet is an ideal place to research the best of these companies.

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