Audiovox Ppc4100 Accessories

Written by Adam Blau
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The Audiovox PPC4100 is a Windows-based pocket PC that provides the user with impeccable computing power in an extremely portable device. With its high-powered processor and bundled Microsoft Office applications, the PPC4100 is a powerfully portable computing solution for both business and personal use. There are a plethora of accessories available to accent the dynamic features of the PPC4100.

Types of Accessories for the Audiovox PPC4100

There are three distinct categories of accessories available for the Audiovox PPC4100. The first category consists of items that enhance the computing capabilities of the pocket-sized computer. Whether you're looking for a USB sync cable or a USB desktop cradle, there are items available to let you get the most out of the relationship between your desktop and portable computers.

The second type of Audiovox PPC4100 accessories available consists of those that help to protect your investment. A variety of cases are on the market, made of materials like leather or durable mesh cloth. These are available from a number of retailers, as well as Audiovox themselves. There are also grips for purchase that help to prevent your PPC4100 from slipping out of your hands.

The third type of PPC4100 accessories are those that give new features to your pocket computer. There is a camera card, for instance, that will give your PPC4100 photographic features. You can also find a variety of rechargeable battery and AC power options in the form of PPC4100 accessories.

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