Blackberry 7280 Accessories

Written by Adam Blau
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In the olden days of the Wild West, people used to tote their guns around on holsters so that they were always available in case of emergency. Today, people sport their cell phones and PDAs in a similar fashion--on their belts and in holsters. It only follows that today's symbol of power should be worn in a style similar to the power symbols of yesteryear. In this vein, there are several belt and holster solutions available for the Blackberry 7280.

Getting Your Blackberry 7280 Ready for Quick-Draw

Today's fast-paced and high-power business world mandates that people have information at the ready, no matter what the time or place. Thankfully, there are several clipping options for the Blackberry 7280, manufactured by Blackberry's Research In Motion and by numerous third-party developers. The variety ensures that you can find the right carrying solution for yourself.

Research In Motion themselves manufacture a holster accessory that features a rotating clip that attaches to the Blackberry. This holster secures itself firmly to the Blackberry, as well as tightly clipping onto whatever surface you desire. The rotating clip achieves a 360-degree rotational angle, allowing for complete swivel freedom when using the Blackberry 7280 in the holster.

In addition to these holsters and clips, you might want to avail yourself of some of the other protective options for the Blackberry 7280. With the Blackberry attached to your hip or bag, it may be more likely to bump into other surfaces. With a high-quality protective case or a good set of grips, you can assuage your fears of unintentionally ramming your Blackberry into an errant piece of furniture.

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