Blackberry 7750 Accessories

Written by Adam Blau
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If you're new to the Blackberry 7750, you will likely be awed by its mind-numbing array of tech-forward features. But if you're really new to the Blackberry, you will also likely be confounded by its extremely tiny QWERTY keypad. A unique feature that allows data entry in a familiar fashion, the Blackberry 7750 keypad has caused more than its fair share of awkward slips from the user's hands.

Thankfully, there are manufacturers that market special grips that allow the Blackberry to stay completely firm in the hand of the user. The constant thumb-typing action many people use on the Blackberry can produce palm and finger sweat on even the most demure of Blackberry aficionados. With a good set of grips, you can ensure that the Blackberry will stay put where it's supposed to--in your hands.

Getting a Grip on Your Blackberry 7750

Adhesive grips for the Blackberry 7750 are among the most functional of accessories for the full-featured phone. Though different manufacturers create their grips in their own fashion, the overall concept is similar. The grips attach to your phone or PDA with adhesive on one end. The other end is composed of a rubbery, graspable substance.

If you are in the market for grips for your Blackberry 7750, be sure to look for a few key things. Make sure that the adhesive is powerful and long-lasting. Make sure that the adhesive will also come off of your phone once the grips have worn out their usefulness. Though actually a matter of personal taste, many people also prefer their grips to be unobtrusive and barely noticeable. These grips avoid adding extra weight and bulk to the Blackberry.

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