Cell Phone Dangers For Children

Written by Tara Peris
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As cell phone use becomes more common, a growing number of parents are giving cell phones to their children. Indeed, for reasons of convenience and safety, parents are buying additional phones as never before. With new calling plans that allow the entire family to share minutes and to exchange calls for free, it has never been easier to get a kid to call. The question is, is it as safe as you think?

Protecting Your Children

There is no doubt about it. Cellular phones provide a remarkable and arguably necessary convenience. Amidst the chaos of the working week and the numerous personal tasks with which we all contend, they make life easier and more efficient. It is with this perspective that most parents consider buying cell phones for their children. The phones allow for easy communication, frequent contact, and a bit of extra safety for the ones you love the most.

At the same time, they might not be as safe as you imagine. Sure, they allow kids to call any time and anywhere--if you are a parent, you have probably been on the late night receiving end of this gracious gift. However, this safety benefit comes with its own price tag, and researchers have expressed growing concern about the effects of cell phone use on the growing body.

All cell phones emit small amounts of radiation. Although the levels are admittedly low, children are exceptionally vulnerable to them because of their early developmental stage. Research in this area has yet to turn toward child and adolescent populations; however, many in the field express concern that youth may be among those more severely affected by low-level radiation exposure. With this in mind, doctors advise many parents to limit cell phone minute plans and to invest in shielding devices that block the impact of radiation emissions.

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