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Written by Tara Peris
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A number of new developments have sparked controversy and debate in the field of cellular phones. In particular, a slew of recent studies have highlighted the complex issue of whether cell phone use may be linked to subsequent health problems. Although findings in this area are mixed, the topic holds serious implications for physicians, policy makers, and lay people alike.

News about Health Risks

For the past decade, researchers have attempted to address the issue of whether cell phones cause biological impairment in humans. Certainly, because they emit small doses of radiation through their antennae, the proposition seems more than plausible. However, scientists have had a difficult time finding rigorous empirical support for this connection.

There are several studies documenting links between cell phone use and headaches, but most of them rely on simple correlation designs. Moreover, very few of them attempt to statistically control for other factors that may play a role in medical maladies. The result is that it is very hard to draw meaningful conclusions from their findings.

Amidst all of this debate, many scientists and innovators are taking action. The result is that a number of new protective devices have hit the cell phone market in recent years. These devices, most of which come in the form of radiation shields that are affixed to a phone's antenna, provide a potential solution for combating radiation exposure. Although they themselves need to be tested for effectiveness, they provide a promising solution to a very worrisome problem.

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