Computers And Emf

Written by Rebecca Lord
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Considerable debate centers on the effects of EMF exposure. There is good reason for concern, given that electromagnetic fields are involved in everything from televisions and phones to computers and fax machines. Indeed, we are surrounded by EMF radiation on a daily basis and scientists are only beginning to understand its effects.

Computers and EMF Emissions

Computer use has skyrocketed over the past two decades such that the vast majority of U.S. homes now report easy access to a computer. Further, most schools have computer labs and many have individual computer stations in their regular classrooms. This academic and personal use coupled with the countless computers in the average workplace means that Americans have greater access and exposure to computers than ever before.

They also have greater exposure to EMF radiation. All sorts of devices emit EMF radiation, but computers are of special interest because of their widespread and extended use. They are also of interest because of the large number of children who use them regularly. To date, research has not produced clear findings on the effects of this EMF exposure. However, extant work indicates that children and the elderly may be especially vulnerable because of their fragile immune systems.

Until such time as science produces clear answers on the health risks posed by our computers, it makes sense to take measured precautions. To this end, many businesses and schools have installed radiation shields that block or filter EMF radiation. These shields are affordable and reliable, providing an easy way to ensure public safety.

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