Continuous Waves

Written by Rebecca Lord
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Electromagnetic fields produce continuous energy waves that can be used to transmit messages to televisions, phones, and computers. This stream of energy sends radioactive energy moving at the speed of light. You can't see it (most of the time), but your body can sense it. At least, that is what scientists are beginning to suspect.

Continuous Exposure to Radiation

Researchers have known for a long time that high frequency radiation waves are damaging to humans. The effects of nuclear bombs, power plants, and even repeated x-ray exposure are all well documented. However, in some sense, this is hardly rocket science. Radiation is a type of heat energy, and at very high frequencies, it is extremely hot. With this in mind, it comes as little surprise that our bodies respond adversely to intense exposure. They are, in effect, being incinerated.

The tougher issue pertains to continuous low frequency waves. Some doctors have suggested that even at low levels, radiation emissions disrupt the natural balance of the body's chemistry. This forces the body to make adaptive responses that may take the form of stress responses such as those observed in "fight or flight" situations.

At this point, much of this remains speculative, and researchers are waiting for further research to elucidate links between EMF waves and adverse biological responses. It seems plausible, indeed, even likely, that our bodies are influenced by these energy waves. However, for the time being, the exact nature of this influence remains unknown.

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