Danger Sidekick

Written by Adam Blau
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In a world where information and communication are increasingly based on the hybridization of electronics devices, the Danger Sidekick offers a unit that gracefully combines features from several separate machines all in one. The Sidekick, also known as a "hiptop" device due to its size, successfully integrates computing, Personal Digital Assistant, phoning, photographic and media devices all into a single machine. Danger has integrated all of these features into a sleek, cost-effective unit.

Features of the Danger Sidekick

First and foremost, the Danger hiptop delivers a full-featured cell phone to its customers. Depending on the user's preferences, the hiptop can either be placed against the ear or used in conjunction with an earpiece. Considering that most of the Danger devices are available through separate wireless services (in the US, as of this writing, T-Mobile distributes the Sidekick), these services often include full phoning packages with the hiptop.

The Danger Sidekick also operates as a multi-featured wireless computing device. You can send and receive email and SMS (instant) messages from the device, all made incredibly easy by the flip-top QWERTY keyboard. You can even email with attachments like PDFs, Word documents and images.

The hiptop also allows for a significant multimedia experience. There is a digital camera accessory that fits into the accessory port, allowing for a viable camera solution for your photographic needs. There is significant integration of voice and sound into many of the bundled applications.

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