Danger Sidekick 2

Written by Adam Blau
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If the Danger Sidekick raised some eyebrows with its strong feature set and sleek design, then its new "hiptop" sibling, the Danger Sidekick 2, will awe and amaze fans of innovative electronics. The folks at Danger have designed and implemented a variety of enhancements into the Danger Sidekick 2 that make the new "hiptop2" device even more powerful. The enhancements are both on the inside and out, both in the design and application structure.

Enhancements on the Danger Sidekick 2

For starters, people will notice the difference in the hiptop2 without even flipping it on. The new Sidekick 2 is 25 percent slimmer than its earlier counterpart, making it easier to slip into a pocket or purse. This also improves its comfortableness when being used as a traditional wireless phone.

The hiptop2 also integrates a high-resolution flash camera, along with all the traditional features you would expect from a camera phone or digital camera. Whereas the old Danger hiptop would allow a separate camera accessory to be attached in a designated port, the new device integrates it right there on the body of the machine. Along with the camera, of course, come a slew of photo-related add-ons, such as photo caller ID and a designated "shutter" button on the body of the device.

On the application level, Danger has not skimped with the newest rendition of the Sidekick. Its new "Intellisync" feature allows users to easily sync up the Microsoft Outlook calendars, contact list, and to-do list. It has never been so easy to make your electronic equipment work together.

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