Dangers Of Cell Phones

Written by Rebecca Lord
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The dangers associated with cell phone use have received a lot of attention lately. Most of the time, researchers and politicians point to the dangers associated with using cell phones while behind the wheel. However, a growing number of investigations are targeting the health risks that may pertain to people who use cellular phones on a regular basis.

The Dangers of Cell Phone Use

The mainstream use of cell phones has marked the advent of a new era of personal ease and accessibility. Thanks to continually advancing cellular and digital technology, it is now possible to be reached anytime, anywhere, from around the world. Indeed, these days, you'll find mobile phones in the hands of people of all ages and walks of life. Although this technological advancement has brought countless benefits, it has come with its share of concerns as well.

Perhaps the most prominent concern pertains to the use of cellular phones while driving. As people grow more comfortable with their phones, they become more inclined to multi-task with them, and there is growing concern about the danger this poses. In many cities nationwide, legislation is underway to restrict the use of phones and to promote safer driving habits.

Another less publicized danger pertains to the health risks associated with regular cell phone use. Although research on the dangers of cell phones in particular has been largely inconclusive, the link between radiation exposure and serious illness remains well documented. Scientists are now exploring whether the level of radiation emitted from cellular phones is enough to cause significant damage. This will require large-scale epidemiological studies that track people and cell phone use over extended periods of time. These kinds of studies are exceedingly difficult to mount, and it is likely that the public will not have conclusive findings for quite some time. In the meantime, it's up to individual users to take precautions to protect themselves.

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