Ipaq 1945 Accessories

Written by Adam Blau
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The iPaq 1945 from HP is an extremely powerful pocket-sized computing device that operates on the Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 operating system. There are many available accessories and applications available for the unit that can keep you organized and heading in the right direction with your work. There is one accessory for the iPaq 1945, however, that can also keep you headed in the right direction--as you drive!

GPS and the iPaq 1945

For those people who need help finding directions to places either on foot or while driving, the good people at HP are offering a GPS navigation system add-on for their iPaq series. The small separate hardware unit attaches to the iPaq 1945 and offers detailed directions through text, image and audio. Never again will you be lost with your trusty iPaq 1945 at your side.

The GPS system works in conjunction with the Microsoft Streets & Trips software. HP and other distributors often offer all these hardware and software options together in a bundle. It is possible to purchase a separate accessory package that is comprised of the GPS system, the software and additional memory. Because of the additional memory and CPU load required by the navigation system, it is recommended that you boost the memory inside your iPaq.

The navigation system also offers other, more socially-related benefits. With included NAVTEQ digital map data, you can easily locate shops, emergency services, and even ATMs along your route. With the navigation system installed, your iPaq is more than a worthy assistant who keeps track of your contacts and appointments--instead, your iPaq is more of a copilot, offering you solutions at your fingertips.

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