Ipaq 2215 Accessories

Written by Adam Blau
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Now that Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) have become so powerful and multifaceted, there is an increasing need for onboard storage solutions. The iPaq 2215 is a Windows-based, Bluetooth-featuring portable palm computer that contains a vast array of multimedia enhancements. Multimedia files like JPGs and MP3s take up a considerable amount of memory, so additions are welcome to the iPaq.

Enter the CompactFlash card. CompactFlash is a model of accessory that slides into a designated slot on the iPaq, allowing for swappable storage of all your favorite multimedia files, stored emails or other attachments and files. With the addition of these swappable accessories, your iPaq's memory is virtually limitless.

Not All CompactFlash Accessories are Created Equal

Before you go purchasing a storage solution for your iPaq 2215, there are a few items to consider. How much capacity should your card hold? Common card designations today range from 128 megabytes to one gigabyte. Generally speaking, the more memory contained in a card, the more costly it will be.

It is also worthwhile to examine other features of the CompactFlash cards. What are the read and write speeds? These can vary a small amount from card to card, and may well be a factor in your decision to purchase a given item, if time is of the essence. Write-protect tabs may also be featured on some CompactFlash cards. These prevent the data on the card from being overwritten.

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