Ipaq 4355 Accessories

Written by Adam Blau
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Users of Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) like the iPaq 4355 know that it can be a chore to enter data and information with the included stylus and the small buttons on the face of the machine. Over time, of course, it is possible to become skilled at the fine art of PDA data entry, but even skilled users find themselves making abundant mistakes while entering information. The stylus-symbol recognition programs on PDAs are quite good, but they still leave room for ambiguity.

Foldable Keyboards for the iPaq 4355

For those looking for a more familiar and accurate means of entering data into their iPaqs, there is an accessory that can ease the way. A Bluetooth-powered foldable keyboard can attach to the iPaq, allowing users to type entries that previously had to be hand-written in. Instead of using the stylus and hoping that the iPaq understands the handwriting, now a user can simply utilize the Bluetooth keyboard with the speed and efficiency he or she would use with a more traditional computer interface.

The foldable keyboard is a conventional 65-key QWERTY keyboard. People tend to type faster than they write, so a typewriter keyboard will likely enable them to speed up the data entry process. The collapsible keyboard is about the same size as a laptop keyboard, so users should also feel a certain degree of comfort and familiarity with the interface.

Most convenient is the size of most foldable keyboards. The keys on most of these devices are rather shallow, so the entire collapsed unit is incredibly narrow and lightweight. The entire keyboard shrinks down to a size that is just about comparable to the iPaq itself.

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