Ipaq 5550 Accessories

Written by Adam Blau
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Personal Digital Assistants like the iPaq 5550 are becoming more and more hybridized with every new release. The iPaq successfully combines the assets of several different electronics devices, including MP3 player, personal organizer, Web browser and email interface. As an increasing number of gadgets are being morphed into one whole, there is an exciting array of accessories that are being produced to take full advantage of these capabilities.

Sing Along with iPaq

One of the assets of the iPaq 5550 is its ability to store multimedia files. You can keep, among other things, MP3 files onboard, which you can listen to through a set of headphones or external speakers--valuable accessories to have with your iPaq. However, these modes of listening don't translate well to an automobile.

Since wearing headphones and attaching external speakers seem impractical while driving, manufacturers have started deriving some creative solutions for listening to the iPaq in a car. Several companies produce add-on accessories that allow you to broadcast your iPaq's audio signal over a radio frequency on your car's stereo. Whether you're considering the TuneCast II transmitter marketed by iPaq or Apple's iTrip (produced for the iPod), these and other third party devices can have you playing your iPaq's tunes in your car in no time.

Basically, this accessory attaches to the headphones output on your iPaq. Then, once you tune the accessory to a radio frequency, you should be able to set your car stereo to the same frequency and hear your MP3s playing over your car's speakers. The prime operating range for these devices is usually within 10 or 20 feet--perfect for the car. The devices let you select the frequency of your choice, so if you are getting interference on one frequency, it's simply a question of turning the dial.

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