Ipaq Side Grips

Written by Adam Blau
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In this age of unceasing efficiency and convenience, the HP iPaq offers stellar solutions for major portable computing and organizational needs. There are a number of accessories on the market that accent and highlight many of the high-powered features offered by the iPaq. There are some accessories, though, that enable a user to utilize this overwhelmingly efficient device in an even more efficient manner.

Hold onto Your iPaq!

There are some companies that make specially-modeled grips for the iPaq series of portable Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs). These grips allow a user to hold onto his or her iPaq for extended periods of time without worrying about dropping and damaging the device. By ensuring that you have a firm grip on your iPaq, you can feel more comfortable using the device, thereby prodding you to use it that much more.

The grips that are manufactured for the iPaq are frequently specially-designed side grips. They attach to the unit with high-quality adhesive, and consist of a uniquely graspable material that is less likely to fall out of your hand than the typical plastic frame of the iPaq. Typical usage entails that you hold the grips by the sides in one hand while using your other to manipulate the stylus or keypad.

To some, the idea of separately-sold grips might seem frivolous for a PDA. With all due respect, these people probably haven't owned a PDA for that long, and are unfamiliar with just how easy they are to drop accidentally. By purchasing a set of side grips for your iPaq, you can be more sure that you won't lose all your data (or even permanently damage your machine) by dropping it on the ground.

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