Ipod Accessories

Written by Adam Blau
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One of the great advantages of having an iPod is that you can listen to your music collection virtually anywhere. The compactness and stability of the iPod ensures that whether you're on the go or at your house, you can have your entire music collection at your fingertips. The latest advances in iPod accessories expand the audio device's capabilities into the realm of the automobile, allowing you to listen to your tunes while you drive.

Automotive iPod Accessories

Until fairly recently, those people who wanted to listen to their iPods while driving were somewhat out of luck. iPods didn't have an intrinsic way of attaching to a car's sound system; users were relegated to using separate speakers or headphones. Such means didn't take advantage of automotive sound systems, and were particularly dangerous (and sometimes illegal) for drivers.

Thankfully, a line of accessories has been manufactured that facilitates automotive listening for the iPod. One can purchase cassette adapters that attach from the headphones jack on the iPod to the cassette deck of a car. Manufacturers have also begun producing radio-frequency transmitters, which allow a user to tune his or her iPod to a particular station and have its audio signal be broadcast over the car's speakers.

There are also accessories available that handle the logistical aspects of listening to your iPod in the car. Mountable docks can be placed on your dashboard or anywhere else in your car. These provide a housing station for your iPod while you drive. There are also automotive power supplies for the iPod, which allow you to charge your device with a line from the car's cigarette lighter.

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