Ipod Car Accessories

Written by Adam Blau
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There are innumerable accessories available for Apple's iPod that make listening to your MP3s in your automobile a cinch. For many people, the one obstacle between them and an iPod is their assumption that they can't play the device on their car stereos. Thankfully, the iPod owner now has his or her pick of methods by which an iPod's contents can be transmitted over a car's speakers.

Hitting the Road with Your iPod

One relatively inexpensive way to hear your iPod's tunes on your car's speakers is through a good old cassette adapter. For those cars equipped with a cassette deck, you can simply place one end of the adapter in it, as if it were a cassette. The other end is simply a wire that will be extruding from the tape deck, the node of which is inserted into the iPod's headphones jack. Portable CD players have been using this methodology for a long time.

Another recent option for the automotive iPod user is iTrip. iTrip is effectively a small FM transmitter that attaches to your iPod and sends out the iPod's audio signal at a designated radio frequency. Once you've set the frequency on the transmitter, you can set your car stereo on the same station and hear your iPod cranked through the speakers.

Remember that if you'll be listening to your iPod in your car, you'll likely also want to avail yourself of one of the iPod car charging options. These allow you to power up your iPod in your car's cigarette lighter or power supply. Also remember--never, ever drive with headphones on. It's against the law!

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