Motorola Antennas

Written by Kevin Little
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Motorola antennas are important devices used to enhance signal reception. A cell phone would be of little use if it could not receive a signal on a consistent basis. Many phones have been discontinued due to insufficient reception from the antennas. As phone technology has advanced, so has antenna performance--a welcome development for all cellular customers.

There are two types of antennas-internal and external. While we are used to seeing antennas sprouting from phones, some units use only an internal antenna for reception. Such a design is great for preventing antenna breakage. Other phone combine the two types of antennas for optimal signal strength.

External Motorola antennas are, like any external antennas, prone to breakage if improperly handled. These antennas can be broken or lost when users decide to fiddle with them. Many external antennas are easily unscrewed from the handset, making them easy targets for damage. Their design, luckily, also makes them easy to replace should something disastrous happen to them.

Replacement of Motorola Antennas

The most difficult part of replacing Motorola antennas is finding the right replacement part. As most phones are designed to work only with specifically manufactured accessories, seeking out the right component can quickly turn into an exercise in frustration. Many people have found the parts they need by shopping online at sites devoted to cell phones and accessories.

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