Motorola V710 Accessories

Written by Adam Blau
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The Motorola V710 is a sophisticated, high-powered cell phone that incorporates features such as video capture, an MP3 player and Bluetooth wireless technology. In a phone with such high-powered and advanced features on board, you would expect some similarly high-powered and innovative accessories to accompany it. You won't be disappointed.

Accessories for the Motorola V710 Phone

Still one step ahead of the game, Motorola has developed and distributes accessories for the V710 phone that are advanced and innovative devices. For instance, while you can use a conventional earbud or headset with the V710, Motorola also offers a wireless headset as well. No longer will a dangling microphone cord get tangled and twisted up in itself.

Taking the cue from the rest of its wireless technology, Motorola has also developed the wireless portable HF800 speaker. This speaker allows you to hear the audio goings-on of your phone without any actual physical connection to it. As is the rest of the Motorola wireless audio, the sound signal is reliable and impeccable.

Never a company to skimp on design, even Motorola's hands-free car kit has the sleek look you'd imagine of a 21st-century accessory. The microphone is retractable and the installation is relatively effortless on this group of accessories for the automotive set. Add in the amount of accessories available from third party manufacturers, and the Motorola V710 is chock full of expansive possibilities.

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